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Euphoria Season 2: Release On HBO? Cast And Other Possibilities

Euphoria season 1 was as magical as its name. The show is an American adaptation of the Israeli show, also called Euphoria. Its story revolves around empowered high schoolers teenagers who are into self-discovery. From toxic relationship to self-identity, the show has its own euphoric buzz.

Highlighting the unspoken societal issues like usage of drugs and having sex. The show describes how sexuality is a huge spectrum on its own, including LGBTQA rights.

When will season 2 of Euphoria going to air on HBO?

Euphoria Season 2

Sadly, there is no information about its release date as of now. But soon we can expect news regarding the shows premiere date. If lucky, we might get the next chapter by late 2020, or at least by early 2021.

Season 1 ended on a major cliffhanger, and die-hard fans are impatiently waiting for the second season. The show is quite explicit for the younger audience, as there is a representation of genitalia and sexual organs. The legacy of nudity will continue on a large scale in season 2.

Plot; what will happen in season 2? Is Rue dead?

The ending of season 1 was sensational. Even though the viewers were sober as hell, the euphoric club scene got everyone trippy. We saw Jules partying in a club, and ironically hooking up with Nate. On the other hand, we get a real shot of Rue suffering in her house.

Euphoria Season 2

There are a lot of theories explaining why Jules had public sex with Nate. One of them is that she wanted to feel more feminine about herself. After going through a gender change, she has hooked up with men to gain a sense of feminity, but getting into a relationship with Rue didn’t make her feel more feminine.

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In season 2, we’ll see a much more extended side of Rue’s trauma. Maybe a potential relapse. Barbie Ferreira, who plays as Kat Hernandez, has given us details about an LGBTQ storyline. Next season will be an exploring moment for Kat, where she unveils her queer side.  So far, she has transformed herself into a body confident queen and a dominatrix from a timid one direction fan erotica writer.

Let’s focus on the toxic relationship between Nate and Maddy. We still don’t know if he will be held against abuse accusation, or Maddy will rescue him out of it. Till now, we know that he has a weird blackmailing/catfishing love equation with Jules, which will hopefully come out in season 2.

Euphoria Season 2

Who will be starring in Euphoria season 2?

The rest of the cast as follows – Jules Vaughn will play as Hunter Schafer; Nate Jacobs will play as Jacob Elordi; Lexi Howard will be playing as Maude Apatow; Kat Hernandez will be played by Barbie Ferreira; Cassie Howard will be played by Sydney Sweeney; Maddy Perez will be played by Alexa Demie; Chris McKay starring by Algee Smith.

Gia Bennett will be having a huge screen time along with the show protagonist, Zendaya.