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Kanye West Imposes Strict Parenting Rules On Children After Spiritual Discovery


The field of parenting can be a tricky arena. While some of us claim to have “cool parents” who seem to be more of a friend towards us, others complain about the conservative nature that their folks have.

While imposing certain rules on our children is a necessity for their discipline and development, is binding spiritual beliefs with parenting the correct method? Is it fair to force things on our family just because we are in the path of spiritual transition? Well, the mind-blowing Kanye West seems to be up to that, these days.

The Man

As most of us know, Kanye West is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, entrepreneur, record producer, and fashion designer. Okay, let us take some breath here. Too many talents for one man to possess, eh? West, who is a Christian by birth, had been open to his beliefs, until recently when the man went through a series of epiphanies and realizations, that led him to change his inner soul for the better.

Earlier, West had been infamous for his rowdy behaviour, and rich lifestyle. Kanye and Kim, Hollywood’s “power couple”, has redefined the meaning of glamour and money ever since the two exchanged vows. The New York Times referred to their marriage as “a historic blizzard of celebrity”.

The Change

Recently in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim revealed that Kanye has created a set of rules for their children to follow. His strict parenting restricts their first daughter North, to wear makeup before she is a teenager. West has also removed the television set from the kids’ room, so as to instil discipline in the house.

Coming to Kanye’s spiritual discovery, Kim stated it has led him to become a tad bit more conservative. In the show when West commented that Kim’s recent Met Gala outfit was “too sexy”, Kim responded by making it clear that just because he was on a religious quest, did not mean everybody in the family had to be. And the girl has got a point.

However, on the whole, Kim seems to be agreeing on the new rules set by her man. Even though there have been several fights in the household due to Kanye’s parenting tactics, it seems, the duo is ready to raise their children in a disciplined and restricted way, and hey, that is pretty impressive!


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