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20 Trending Topics for Writing Papers in 2020

You will never be satisfied with the paper if you write it on a topic that you are not interested in. Of course, it is strange to expect from yourself to be interested in every discipline you study, but when you have a choice, it is a good idea to choose a topic that sparkles your interest.

The reason is simple — you will be much less prone to procrastinate. Most of the students say that they procrastinate most not even when writing an essay, but when doing research. If a student cannot complete his essay timely, he may search websites with a request like: I need someone to write my paper for me.

For instance, there is a service like WriteMyPaperHub which can help write papers within hours. But if you have zero interest in a particular topic, you will postpone researching it as long as you can, and there are chances that finally you will have to miss the deadline. 

We have gathered topics trending in 2020, so you can choose something for your future paper. Of course, you can name it differently, but you will grasp a trend. Professors like trendy topics, because they have to read hundreds of papers a year, and when they are the same one semester after another, professors get deadly bored. So, here is the list you can start using right away. For your convenience, we’ve separated this list into several categories.


  • Multi-platform content: A chance for creativity or a waste of money and human resources? 
  • Communication with customers: Personal touch or AI invasion?
  • Neuroeconomics serves marketing specialists: Is it Ethical?
  • Email marketing new horizons: Asian perspective
  • Color schemes for landing pages: Industries driven trends


  • Management of small and medium medical companies in the situation of a global pandemic
  • Agriculture management in the situation of rapidly growing demand
  • Recent changes in the Islamic banking system and their principles of management
  • Top-10 GlassDoor CEO background analysis
  • How is management in unicorn startups can be used in bigger and more stable companies

Political Science and Sociology

  • Social interdependence in the situation of the global crisis and limited resources
  • EU perspectives: Closed borders, locked supplies
  • Racism outbursts related to Covid-19 hysteria and the most effective means to overcome them
  • The development of Critical thinking in Social Studies
  • International cooperation in crisis: How pandemic affects zones in a humanitarian crisis

Biology and Health

  • The hazards and benefits of all-cover express testing for the virus: US vs Swedish experience
  • Effects of emotional stress on cognitive abilities and academic or professional advancement
  • Analysis of the international health system capacity facing Covid-19 challenge
  • Why allergies and gluten-intolerance are more inherent to the population of developed countries
  • How ecological catastrophes in one part of the world affect people across the globe.

While the topic can be trending in general, it may not be suitable for your particular situation. So, before picking some theme from the Internet, you need to ask yourself several questions. When deciding whether to use one or another topic, think of the following:

  • Will you be able to find enough sources to support your arguments?
  • Isn’t this topic too evident?
  • Would this topic be the first choice of any average student?
  • Would you like to read a brief article in a blog related to this topic?
  • Can this topic be maid interdisciplinary?
  • Does this topic have certain academic dualities?

You should analyze every option before you make a choice. It may sound a little too much, especially when it comes to a simple essay, but it is better to invest yourself a little more in the beginning than to get fully stuck in the middle due to a wrong choice of direction.

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