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16 High School Dramas On Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, And Amazon Prime Video that Will Take You Back!

Teen dramas are something that can bring you back to your teenage even if you are not a teenager anymore. So that’s why we make a list of top 16 high school teen drama on Netflix, Disney+ Hoststar, and Amazon Prime Video for you.

Amazon Prime Video Teen Dramas


  1. One Tree Hill: Although it is an early 2000’s drama still one of the best. The series has 9 seasons and told the story of two half brothers Lucas and Nathan and their passion for basketball.
  2. Red Oaks: It is not a usual teen drama. The story shows the consequences of the two lovers and their parents. The show perfectly gave us the vibes of teenage feelings.


Disney+ Hotstar Shows


  1. Andi Mack: This show tells the ups and downs of a teen girl named Andi Mack. She faced mental shock when she found out the truth about her birth. You can watch this teen drama while stuck at home.
  2. Runways: As a teenager, most of us think that our parents are bad. In this show, six teenagers unite against their parents. Because they found out that actually, their parents are evil. You can stream this show on Hulu too.
  1. Descendants: This fantasy teen drama will take you to a fairy tale adventure. Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce started in this film.
  2. Hannah Montana: We fall in love with Miley Cyrus in this show. She lived a double-life in which she is a teenage girl as well as a famous pop singer Hannah Montana.


Netflix Shows


  1. Never Have I Ever: The Story is about an American Indian teenage girl Devi Viswakumar who struggles to become popular.
  2. Teen Wolf: I fall in love with Stiles Stilenski’s humor in the show. The story starts when Scott McCall got bitten by a werewolf. This is a perfect supernatural teen drama filled with friendship and love.
  3. Sex Education: It’s a story of Otis (Asa Butterfield) who is a high school student and has a sex therapist mother. He and his friends start an underground sex clinic, although their plan didn’t go well. It’s a perfect of-age teen drama to watch.
  4. Atypical: this Netflix original series is about an Autistic teenager Sam and his newfound freedom of life.
  5. Gossip Girl: This show is history itself. Many of you already rewatched it many times. But doesn’t mean you can’t watch it again, right?
  6. Riverdale: It is a perfect show with teenage drama, serial killing, and lots of pressure. The show starred KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, And Camilia Mendes.
  7. The OC: It is one of the best teen dramas of the early 2000s.
  8. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: It is a story of a half-witch girl and her adventures with her friends.
  9. Elite: This show is a kind of teenage version of Money Heist. The characters study in an elite school and solve a mystery together.
  10. 13 Reasons Why: Clay Jenson’s life becomes complicated when his high school crush Hannah died by suicide. It is a perfect mystery and controversial series to watch.

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