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One of the main reasons why Netflix is becoming more dominant is because of its documentary series. The streaming platform has already released some making shows in the past years which opens the eyes of the subscribers and bring some of the harsh realities of life. Whether it is a serial killer drama or a real-life documentary series, the streaming platform has everything that you wished for. One of the most mysterious and highly anticipated series was 11M: Terror in Madrid which shocked the whole world. 

The real-life incidents were devastating and make a lot of damage to the families of the people. It shows the unethical world and how the minor thing can lead to huge damage to the audience. The series runs around the Madrid people who died in the airplane. The family members of Madrid people were waiting for their children to come home but things completely changed when they died. 

Directed by Jose Gomez, “11M: Terror in Madrid,” is an investigative documentary series that opens the whole case for the worldwide audience. It shows how the dangers happening were met because of certain people. It also makes sure to make things more devastating for the country’s political agenda. In this article, we’ll be going to share a brief about the show and will tell you all the things that happened. Keep reading this article to find out everything. 

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11M: Terror in Madrid: What is it About?

11M: Terror in Madrid

11M: Terror in Madrid is a documentary series that is based on the major disruptions that happen on the 2004 Madrid Train. The series shows how everything happens and why it happens. The train bombing scene in Madrid is still regarded as one of the most dangerous and deadliest crimes by terrorists. 

11M: Terror in Madrid fives the highlight of all the things that happened during that unfortunate day. It leaves behind the traces of all the things which should be watched by the worldwide audience and makes them feel how the people have died. It gives a clear eye of the incident through the narrative of the people that were actually based and lived there. 

The series is a classic picture of what happened 2 decades earlier which was still enclosed in history and will be remembered forever. The audience and critics loved the show by Netflix and the streaming platform has done amazing to bring light to the incidents when they felt like the world is forgetting all of these things. 

11M: Terror in Madrid Review

11M: Terror in Madrid

11M: Terror in Madrid opens the eyes of the people to the major highlight of the attack on Madrid. It gives a brutal reality of how the government failed to give the desirable punishment to its citizens, It further opens the possibility of how the terrorist was able to run away without getting caught. 

Netflix has brought back the deadliest crime the history by the attacker, the streaming platform highlights the major events and explains everything through the mouth of the real watchers. The series is an example of how art will always make the thing alive, it gives light to the dead people who were anciently killed by the terrorist group, 

The people will always remember the harsh truth and explain how the people suffered because of that attack. In 2004, 13 explosions were made in 4 commuters’ Madrid trains which led to the killing of more than 100+ people. The incident makes things rush and shock the people that were present there. In a second, the explosion happens and then the people can see only the crying, blood, and bodies of their nearby passengers. Many people were able to get rescued but many died. When the cops and defense personnel arrived the view shocked their souls and they explained this briefly. It was an emotional moment for the people that saw this and the people who have lost their loved ones in the incident.

The documentary shows all the possibilities and secrets that were later revealed to the world. The terrorist group was already targeted in the show and it brief and gave a clear eye to the viewers how these monsters have performed such a deadliest crime. 

 “You’ll Never Walk Alone” was a song dedicated to the soul that left too early. Madrid won’t be the same again and things won’t feel the same for the people who lost their close ones because of this serious attack. 

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The Al Qaeda Conspiracy Explained

11M: Terror in Madrid

Al Qaeda, the major terrorist group, was thought to be the real reason behind the incidents. There have been a lot of things that have been on the news at that time and no one can deny that the biggest terrorist group was behind his events.  

Abu Dahdah, the leader of the Madrid Al Qaeda Cell started the basics of the terrorist foundation. Not only this but he also gave some aid and helps to the other terrorist foundation that was starting at that time including the Abu Qatada in London. 

All those aids and many helped to get more people to be into the terrorist group and these people were sent to the Arab countries to get training. Before this incident, we have already seen the terror of the 9/11 attack which killed hundreds of people in the country. Things were already getting more dominant and dangerous for the people of America that it become impossible for them to manage them. The world was already facing oppression from the terrorists and in a big country, like America was the victim of the case, many thought that it was time to pay back. 

Months after that, the incident of 11M happened in Madrid which again shocked the world. All the strings were connected to the same incidents of 9/11. The same group that was responsible for the Madrid incidents was also responsible for the 9/11 case. It was later confirmed that the group used to send aid and help to the terrorist which performed the attack on the two towers. 

11M: Terror in Madrid review

After the incident happens, the government of Spain started a secret cell that was assigned to catch all the members and terrorists who are linked with the Al-Qaeda group. The secret mission was merely successful but the second commander of the group Abu Dahdah was successful to run back to Afghanistan.

The government failed to recognize things earlier and they blamed ETA. l; after it was confirmed that it was the Al-Qaeda group that ruins all these things from the start, they lead the foundation of the attack but sadly, the government was busy playing the blaming game and these things lead the culprit to fly away and live their life. The innocent were killed brutally and their family will remember these things forever. Of course, in between the fight, it is the common people who suffer. 

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The Conclusion

With all these things, there was one thing that we all know is how reality is hard and how the people who died were innocent, it shows the lust for power the dirty political agenda, and the inhuman act by the terrorists. Time passes by and people forget the attack but those who lost their precious things in the attack will always be in grief. Humanity has left the world and these people are making the place more dangerous to live in. After the attack, more terrorist attacks happened around the world which again killed the lives of many innocent people. 

These cases show how the lives of common people are so small for the upper powers. Hope the world will remember such cases in the future. 

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