1000 Lb Best Friends Season 3: Is It Renewed or Canceled?


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Season 2 of 1000-lb Best Friends wrapped up on March 8, 2023 — and devotees of the tender loving care series are already contemplating whether and when there will be more episodes.

During the finale, viewers saw Ashely Sutton go through weight reduction medical procedure, Tina Arnold quit weight reduction medical procedure without a second to spare, Vannessa Cross go to a meeting for skin expulsion medical procedure, and Meghan Crumpler stroll down the passageway.

The BFFs’ processes are nowhere near finished, however will they keep on permitting cameras into their lives? We should investigate whether there will be a Season 3 of 1000-lb Best Friends.

As of composing, attention has not made an announcement one way or the other around 1000-lb Best Friends Season 3; it has not been dropped or renewed.

The network regularly holds on until just before new episodes drop before they uncover new seasons. So we have an inclination we could find out about the show’s destiny by fall 2023.

We’ll keep you updated when we know more.

1000 lb Best Friends Season 3

Season 2 of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Displayed Many Difficulties and Wins!

Vannessa’s advancement in her weight reduction venture was up front in Season 2 of 1000-lb Sisters. Despite the fact that she battled with her dietary patterns and exercise during Season 1, Vannessa appeared the consequences of her weight reduction medical procedure in Season 2 — and afterward continued to continue to drop the pounds.

She had done so all things considered, as a matter of fact, that she had a discussion with a plastic specialist to dispose of all the additional skin hanging off her body.

Meanwhile, Meghan had encountered a few mishaps on her weight reduction venture. Be that as it may, with the assistance of Dr. Procter and the help of her friends and family, she had the option to refocus.

One more feature for Meghan involved groundwork for her wedding and afterward at last saying “I do” to Jon during a Renaissance-themed service.

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For Tina, Season 2 got going rough when a line burst in her house and her family (and Meghan and Jon, who live with them) had to briefly reside in a lodging while fixes were being made. This put a strain on Tina’s marriage as well as her friendship with Meghan.

Tina likewise amazed everybody when she pulled out of having weight reduction medical procedure the day she should undergo surgery.

Ashely, then again, went through her (second) weight reduction medical procedure — and she wasn’t excessively excited about Tina altering her perspective because they had consented to do it together.

We can hardly hold on to see what the future holds for Vannessa, Meghan, Tina, and Ashely. Ideally tender loving care announces a Season 3 as soon as possible!

1000 lb Best Friends Season 3

“When Is 1000-lb Best Friends Season 3 Releasing?

Two seasons have passed since we were acquainted with the existences of these four Georgia buddies. They’ve become top picks among their crowd, and presently everybody needs to know when they’ll return. Tender loving care hasn’t expressed anything about a potential second season.

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Attention fans realize that the network never announces new seasons until it’s past the point of no return. Fans are justifiably expecting fresh insight about another season in the Fall of 2023 to 2024. Fans have been watching out for each cast part’s online entertainment profiles to see whether they’ve indicated anything.

What Could We Expect From 1000-Lb Best Friends Season 3?

Naomi and Lisa will, as in past seasons, continue to attempt to decrease their weight. More difficulties and captivating undertakings anticipate our legends in Season 3, making this show significantly more energizing than any other time in recent memory.

VIP coaches and dietitians are among the season’s unexpected guests who will energize Naomi and Lisa en route.

1000 lb Best Friends Season 3

1000-lb Best Friends Storyline!

Naomi and Lisa were long-term friends that we met in Season 1. They were both going through comparable troubles with their weight.

The show recorded their endeavors to get in shape in each part of their lives, from going shopping for food to going to regular checkups. We saw their determination notwithstanding difficulty and the strength they viewed as in each other.

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Naomi and Lisa’s endeavors to get thinner were gotten where the primary season left off in the second. Lisa’s wellbeing concern and Naomi’s fight with anxiousness were just two instances of the extra challenges that the season introduced.

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However, they persevered, and their friendship thrived. At the season’s finale, the pair had gained tremendous headway toward their weight reduction objectives, leaving viewers excited for what Season 3 would bring.

What Happened In The Season Of 1000-lb Best Friends Season 2?

Naomi and Lisa’s close to home excursion through Season 2 of “1000-lb Best Pals” was an exciting ride. Lisa’s reminder came when she was hospitalized with a blood coagulation and realized that putting her wellbeing first was so significant.

Naomi’s tension likewise turned out to be more serious, and she at last looked for help as psychotherapy. The two of them persevered in their endeavors to get more fit in spite of these difficulties.

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Naomi and Lisa’s particular weight reduction achievements were season-finishing features. Both Naomi and Lisa had shed more than 100 pounds, with Naomi losing north of 200. They were both so satisfied with their prosperity that it caused them to want to celebrate.

Is the Show Worth Watching, and for What Reason Would It Be a Good Idea for You To Watch the Show?

Many individuals love “1000-lb Best Pals,” and the show’s prominence is just expanding. The show’s plot, which fixates on the high points and low points of slimming down and friendship, has evoked an emotional response from viewers from one side of the planet to the other. Fans additionally cheer the show’s reassuring message of contemplation and taking care of oneself.

1000 lb Best Friends Season 3

The reality show “1000-lb Best Amigos” has had its portion of debate, as do most others. Others have said that the show downplays the hardships looked by stout individuals for appraisals.

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The impacts of the show’s portrayal of weight reduction on viewers’ confidence have been addressed by others. Makers and actors have stood up with regard to the show’s positive message, focusing on the requirement for self-appreciation and acknowledgment.

What Is The Show’s Ongoing Rating?

The 1000-lb Best Friends IMDb rating is a demonstration of the nature of the film. With a rating of 5.8 out of 10, obviously the film has inspired an emotional response from crowds.

Everyone likes the adrenaline rush and the suspense will never let your interest disappear with the most lovable thriller series of all time!

The film recounts the endearing story of a man and his two best friends – two 1000-lb pigs.


The third season of 1000-lb Best Friends has been a hit with crowds and pundits alike. The show, which follows the existences of two best friends, each weighing north of 1000 pounds, has collected a dedicated following because of its straightforward depiction of the difficulties looked by those living with weight.

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