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10 Things About Christmas: Get to Know Some Interesting Facts and Information About Christmas !!

Get To know some facts about Christmas

There is something interesting special about Christmas and so kids look forward to this festival the most. And why should not they? Moreover, they receive gifts from Santa Claus. But still there is more to Christmas than gifts. So here’s we have made a list of 10 Things about Christmas which you should know.

Well, your kids will have Christmas holidays and they will most likely spend their time by playing. So this time we would like to recommend you to share some interesting facts about Christmas with your kids.

In this article read out 10 Things about Christmas so that they will get to know in detail information about Christmas.

What are amazing Christmas facts for children?

So guys tell these 10 Things about Christmas to kids and we are sure your children will love to know the history of everything which makes Christmas so much special throughout the world.

  1. The term Xmas simply means Christmas –

The use of the term Xmas came from the dates back to 16th century. The X in the word Xmas came from the ancient Greek language. In Greek Christ starts with the letter X. Therefore Xmas in a simple meaning is Christmas.

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  1. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ –

Christmas is an annual Christian holiday and it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Years after the death of Jesus Christ, the Roman Catholic Church mark his birthday on 25th of December. Moreover, this Christian holiday is celebrated all over the world by Christians.

10 Things About Christmas

  1. Christmas trees were initially used by ancient Egyptian and Romans –

Well, the origin of use of Christmas trees goes back in ancient Egyptians and Romans. They used evergreen trees such as fir or pine trees, wreths and garlands. Moreover, the use of modern Christmas trees was started in Germany in the 16th century.

In ancient days, the trees were decorated with fruits and nuts instead of the glittery decoration that we see today. We are sure you are not known with this fact about Christmas trees. Therefore it is must to count this in 10 Things about Christmas.

  1. Santa Claus was not dressed up in red clothes –

Initially, Santa Claus used to wore green, purple or blue coloured clothes. For plenty of years this was the common theme for the jolly old man at the North Pole. But Coca Cola decided to dress him up in colours that matched their branded and since then Santa started wearing red clothes.

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  1. Santa Claus was known as Sinterklass in Dutch –

Christmas is all about getting gifts and Santa Claus for kids. But do you guys know how did Santa Claus came into existence? Well, the character of Santa Claus is based on St. Nicholas. According to history, St. Nicholas was a Christian Bishop who helped poor and needy people.

10 Things About Christmas

He also loved kids and enjoyed giving gifts to them secretly. When his story spread, he was called Sinterklasss in Dutch and later on we call it as Santa Claus. We are sure that you did not aware of this fact either. So it is obvious to consider this one in 10 Things about Christmas.

  1. Santa Claus gets gifts too!

Everyone knows that Santa gives gifts to kids. But do you know that even Santa Claus gets gifts? Santa come bringing gifts to kids who have been good throughout an entire year. So do you want to know who gives gifts to Santa Claus?

Its yes, even you guys can give gifts to Santa. And no the Jolly old man doesn’t want traditional old gifts, however he is bit partial about cookies and milk to keep him satisfied while his trip around the world.

  1. Carolling is based on the tradition of wassailing –

Guys do you ever wondered why people goes door to door and sings carols? This tradition is based on the English custom of wassailing and it was a tradition to toast to someone’s good health as well as fortune.

This tradition was took by St. Francis of Assisi and converted it into the modern form of carolling.

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  1. Christmas cakes are not really plum cakes –

Another amazing part of Christmas is the Christmas cakes and everyone loves to eat them. But did you guys know what cakes are eaten during Christmas? These are plum cakes. The cakes we eat during Christmas holidays are plum cakes, but the fact about these cakes is there are no plums in these cakes.

Raisins were known as plums in medieval times and the ingredients were stirred in an east to west direction which is similar to that of the journey of the three wise men.

  1. Christmas stockings are warm, cute and spacious –

The tradition of nailing Christmas stockings near fireplace came for helping Santa to have a place for stuffing candies and goodies for bright and cheerful kids of the world. It also serves as an endless supply of socks to Santa.

10 Things About Christmas

  1. Lumps of coal are also gifts –

Did you guys know that Santa does not only ignore the kids who have been bad throughout the year but he also puts pieces of coal into the kid’s socks instead of presents? This tradition was begun in Italy.

The reason behind this is for kids to be good throughout the year and do as many as good work as they can.

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