Christmas Day

10 Reasons Why We Celebrate Christmas? Get to Knows Different Ways to Celebrate It?


Aditi Deshinge

Lord Jesus was born on 25th December and so we celebrate Jesus birthday on 25th December and we call is Christmas. This is the festival of joy and it is celebrated most countries in the world. In this article we are going to tell you 10 Reasons why we celebrate Christmas? So keep scrolling down and get to know more about this famous festival in the world.

It also seems that, this date for Christmas is selected because of its proximity to Makar Sankranti which is a Roman as well as Indian celebration, it includes giving gifts, religious services and a different kind of decorations.

The decor of Christmas displays a Christmas tree, vibrant lights and several other amazing decorations as per people’s choice. Here you can found out 10 Reasons why we celebrate Christmas?

  • Messiah Jesus Christ Birth –

As per the belief of Christian, Lord Jesus Christ was born on 25th December and everyone celebrates it as Christmas. On this day, as per the famous belief, Lord Jesus was born at Mary’s home. Moreover, as per the old myth, Maryam dreamt and after having this dream Mary get pregnant and she was compelled to give birth in Bethlehem.

It is also said that, it was Lord Jesus Christ who formed Christianity. So it is important to count this huge reason in the list of 10 Reasons why we celebrate Christmas.

  • To Spread Positive Vibes –

The season of holiday officially starts around Christmas. It is truly an incredible and enchanted vacation which is admired by both young as well as old people throughout the world. The Christmas holiday encourages people to live life peacefully with each other. Therefore we must consider it in 10 Reasons why we celebrate Christmas.

10 Reasons Why We Celebrate Christmas

  • The way of Purity –

Christmas event installs the spirit of purity in every individual’s mind and heart and it motivates us with fresh vigour to go on the path of purity despite plenty of other obstacles. We must also assist others for doing this same. So we are considering this one in 10 Reasons why we celebrate Christmas.

  • Happiness –

These festivals truly have amazing importance in the development of happiness, peace as well as prosperity in the world. Lord Jesus said that God Loves all his children immensely, therefore we also should make a relationship with God via practicing and harnessing love in our lives. So this reason is also important to consider in 10 Reasons why we celebrate Christmas.

  • Light Up the whole Planet –

South Indian Christians burn clay lights on the rooftops with oil and it is a traditional practice. Additionally, in certain locals cutting a fruit filled Christmas cake in an honour of Jesus Christ to celebrate his birthday is a tradition.

The kids wait for santa clause and his Elves to bring some amazing gifts for kids. Its a biggest attraction for kids.

On the Christmas Eve, kids hand an empty socks next to the chimney so that Santa can fill it with gifts when he visits.

  • Keep People from Sinning –

Everyone continue to celebrate Christmas day well into the night by visiting malls and restaurants and dancing on music. It helps to purify energy and also welcomes the energy of Jesus to the earth.

10 Reasons Why We Celebrate Christmas

As per the famous belief, the Lord Jesus came to earth to save lives and shield humanity from pain and sin.

  • Prosperity of Love –

Christmas eve is celebrated by bringing Christmas tree and decorating it with bright coloured toys, pacers, balloons, stars, flowers, nuts, sweets and many more creative way. Christian people gather around this tree and make prayers to Jesus Christ and sing songs and pray for the happiness, prosperity and peace to god.

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  • Mutual Love and Brotherhood –

Just like each festival gives some lessons and messages, similarly Christmas also teaches us about mutual love, brotherhood, and benevolence. The way Lord Jesus Christ worked for humanity for mutual harmony in his short life span. Jesus Christ is the source of inspiration for everyone.

It’s always important consider this in 10 Reasons why we celebrate Christmas.

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  • Follow the Path of Truth –

Jesus Christ devoted his entire life to human salvation. Every year his birthday also inspires us to follow the path of truth, loyalty, non-violence, kindness and love. On this occasion people invite each other to the feast and exchange cakes as well as gifts. It is a celebration which recognises the happiness of giving and caring.

10 Reasons Why We Celebrate Christmas

Christmas also likes to bake several variety of cakes in their homes which is a ritual of Christmas itself. Its good to consider this one in the list of 10 Reasons why we celebrate Christmas.

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  • It is a festival without any limitations –

The occasion of Christmas is a sign of our unity in a country which is rich in variety; therefore we all celebrate Christmas Eve together despite of differences in caste and religion. In India no festival is complete without scrumptious food and so the Christmas is no exception. It is a celebration of compassion. And so it’s necessary to keep this reason in 10 Reasons why we celebrate Christmas.

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