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10 Mysterious Famous Mystics from History


David Mudd

Online gambling in Canada is a vast business today, with $31 billion gross sales per year and $14 billion purchases of related services. The development of gaming technology has given rise to the best online casinos. Casinos for real money have evolved and molded better to serve customers all over the world.

Through Interac casino, players can make fast deposits and withdrawals, enjoy the extra security, and control casino spending. However, gambling with real money to win is stressful. Gamblers develop powerful emotions, superstitions, and a mystic side of gambling. Below is a list of the ten mysterious famous mystics from history that relate to gamblers as discussed by our professional Conrad Brennan.

Lucky charms

Gamblers believe that certain symbols and trinkets represent good luck. Placing a four-leaf clover or a lucky coin nearer may bring luck. When playing at a traditional floor casino, gamblers think that if they remain discreet with their charms, especially if they are larger, they will end up winning.

Secret rituals

Most gamblers believe in mystic rituals that convoke spirits to their aid before playing. Some cross their fingers or blow dice to bring the lucky energy with them. Wearing red attire is believed to bring luck. Most casinos have invested heavily in red curtains, furniture, and other interior elements. In the online world, finding Interac casinos that have red as one of the theme colors is also common.

Keeping your money lucky

Treating money right with the hope that bills will bring you fortune is a superstition that has dominated the gambling industry. Gamblers avoid loaning money to other bettors. They believe that one may lend a magic charm to someone else. Counting money when seated at the table is not only rude but associated with bringing bad luck.

Superstitious Beliefs and spells

Several beliefs are depending on culture, type of the game, and casino’s location. Some players assume that having sexual intercourse before a match will bring devils own luck. A gambler may not focus on the game leading to poor decisions when playing poker or blackjack.

Superstitious spells

None gamblers across the world consider number 7 as their lucky number. However, number 7 is considered to be the unluckiest number in the gaming world. Japanese claim the pronunciation of the word four is closer to that of death, thus bringing bad luck.

Charlie’s ghost and the phone bill

It is a fascinating story that shows how Charlie, as a ghost, helped Libby win $2,200 at a poker game. Libby had an eternal love for Charlie even after his death. She needed money to pay her phone bill one day and decided to visit her lover’s place in Las Vegas and play a poker game. She mentally turned to Charlie’s spirit and asked his assistance to win. The story has a place at heart among poker players all over the world.

Influence of mystical Egypt

Gambling originated from ancient Egypt with religious rituals, horoscope reading, and astrology. Today gambling in Egypt is rare, but its presence is felt in traditional and online casinos worldwide. Ancient Egypt used a symbol-like form of writing. Pharaoh’s civilization, treasures, and symbols have folded the theme and style for online casino games.

Girl in a vintage dress

The story unfolds in a Casino in Los Angeles, where a young man falls asleep due to the long hours he spent playing. When he wakes up, he finds a beautiful woman in a vintage dress, who begins spinning at the roulette table and later disappears. The young man visits the casino the next day, makes a bet on the number suggested to him by the ghost, and wins big.

Restless souls in Bally casino

Gamblers claim that restless souls who appear as ghosts in the casino died in 1980 during a fire accident in an entertainment complex. Today most gamblers from Canada and beyond visit Bally casino with the hope of seeing the ghosts. Poltergeists have become a tourist attraction for Bally casino.

Mystical stories of Casinos in Monaco

There are mystical stories about gamblers who committed suicide after losing money. Casino owners buried them without dignity. The souls hardly rest but wander inside casinos looking for a chance to revenge. There is a surveillance video showing silhouettes of ghosts to increase the interest of casino visitors.

Online gambling is associated with large sums of money, greed, and misuse of funds. Every gambler wants to win. Gamblers, Canadian celebrities included, are devoted to the beliefs and superstitions of gambling fallacies. However, it is crucial to be cautious as gambling fallacies may cause addiction and financial problems.