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10 Hilarious Baby Yoda Memes About Siblings We All Can Relate To


David Mudd

10 Hilarious Baby Yoda Memes About Siblings We Can All Relate Too

So Baby Yoda, the tiny and petite character from the Star Wars series is apparently filled with a lot of courage and vigor.

He had tutored Jedi for over 8 centuries and lived for over 9.

He had undoubtedly also seen the perpetual history of the entire galaxy, it’s rise and fall included.

Baby Yoda’s Character

Talking about Baby Yoda, per se, he belongs to the same breed, having come from the same cryptic species.

But then, you know, every character in its baby avatar looks and acts unquestionably adorable.

And that’s not just me saying! Chris Evans, on seeing Baby Yoda for the first time, is reported to have gone ‘Awwwww’!

Baby Yoda is actually a part of the Disney+ TV-series with the name ‘The Mandalorian’.

Baby Yoda

And although he shares the same wisdom and strength as the elder Yoda, you can NOT keep a straight face when he’s hovering around with fellow mates.

Baby Yoda Memes Are Born

With ‘The Mandalorian’ having hit our screens last year, the whole world went abuzz with the characters therein.

ESPECIALLY Baby Yoda! There are millions obsessing over him! Isn’t he the cutest?

What’s funnier is the combination of a 50-year old Baby Yoda with the undeniably powerful skills of kicking some ass!

Hilariously Baby-Like

Let’s face it, every human with a sibling, I repeat, EVERY human with a sibling has had these situations come up in their everyday life.

And in this world of fast-paced technology, you think these situations wouldn’t have gotten an exaggerated stance with memes?

Oh dear, wait for it.

What Memes Am I Talking About?

Baby Yoda

Doesn’t matter if you’re the younger one or vice-versa, you cannot deny having experienced activities like the ones I’m going to talk about.

  1. When the younger lad wants to play video games with you but you just wouldn’t let them so they sit beside you and try to act like they’re actually in the game.
  2. Doing something home-wrecking and immediately putting the blame on the younger one, successfully coming out as victorious.
  3. When you do something overly sweet for your mom but your sibling does something better and gets all the praise!
  4. Looking at your elder sibling ace the game you couldn’t crack in a thousand years!
  5. When you ask your brother for help and he surprisingly agrees so you think of how lucky you are for once to have him! *chuckles*
  6. Watching you see your brother cooking at 2 in the morning while you’re up and he doesn’t offer you even a single bite! I know. *sobs*
  7. Seeing your brother fighting over something knowing he is going to get himself beaten up by Mom but being your calm-self.

These are a few! Check out hilariously appropriate Baby Yoda memes that will leave you wanting more!