10 Cancelled Games That Were In Developement


David Mudd

Gaming is one of the best sources of entertainment, don’t you agree? It has provided a lot of inspiration and knowledge about history, culture and morality. Great games are what make the world a better place for us.

It hurts when companies cancel games with high potential. This list contains 10 games that were cancelled.

Silent Hills

Silent Hill made its debut in 1999! After selling 2 million copies, this has been one of the greatest games of all time. When Konami announced a new instalment of this franchise, everyone was excited, including me. A feud resulted in the cancellation of this game. Why did they have to unsettle Hideo Kojima?

There is some hope though. Konami has stated there will be more to the franchise. I certainly hope this is true!

Doom 4

Doom is one of the most recognised series’ everywhere. One of my early games was Doom 3. Not that it matters, haha! This game has a huge fanbase. Everyone(including me) was excited about Doom 4. id Software cancelled the game in the end. However, in 2016, a newer version was released.


Microsoft Studios announced Scalebound in 2013. The game certainly looked very impressive with a combat system that looked amazing. Sadly, it was cancelled in 2017.


This MMO game was in development from 2007. Blizzard Entertainment had to cancel it in 2014. This game was largely anticipated given the games released by Blizzard Entertainment. World Of Warcraft ring a bell?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriots

Every gamer knows Tom Clancy’s franchise. It is one of the most recognised franchises in the history of gaming. When Ubisoft announced this game in 2011, everyone was interested. Sadly, they had to cancel it.

Star Wars: Battlefront 3

Everybody knows Star Wars. One of the highest-grossing franchises ever! Anyway, Battlefront 3 was in development from 2006. Sadly though, it was cancelled due to financial reasons.

World Of Darkness

This was an MMORPG game that was under development from 2006. It was based on a fictional world of vampires with huge online user interactions. CCP Games had to cancel it in 2014.

Bioshock for PSVita

Bioshock! You know the series, you’d be lying if you didn’t. 2K Games announced it would develop this game in 2011. Containing a new story, this game would’ve been great considering how good the other games of the franchise were. Sadly though, 2K had to cancel the game.

The Wolf Among Us Season 2

The 2011 game, The Wolf Among Us was certainly amazing. Offering a brilliant narration, this game certainly looked like it would grow as a franchise. Telltale Games announced that there would be a season 2. Considering the cult-following this game has, this was a great announcement. Telltale Games had to cancel it in 2019.

Metallica: The Game

This one’s painful for you metal-head gamers. This game was announced in 2005. It certainly wasn’t a Guitar Hero clone, if that was what you’re thinking. It looked more like an action game with guns. Sadly, they dropped the axe in 2010.