1-800 Contacts Review: Contact Lens Shopping Simplified


Mohit Kamboj

1-800 Contacts operates as an online retailer specializing in contact lenses. It offers a wide range of contact lens brands and provides an online vision exam for individuals in need of new prescriptions.

About 1-800 Contacts

1-800 Contacts started its operations in 1995 with the goal of improving vision care across the United States. It states that it has made a significant impact on the eye care industry by:

  • Achieving the milestone of being the pioneer in online contact lens sales.
  • Assisting in the passage of a federal law that guarantees every individual’s access to their prescription information.
  • Introducing the inaugural mobile app dedicated to promoting vision care.
  • Promoting the implementation of telehealth laws to enhance the accessibility of eye care.

Call 1-800 for assistance. Customer support for Contact is available around the clock, every day of the week. The company offers free returns or exchanges and a guarantee of the best price.

Customers have the option to choose expedited shipping for faster delivery. Customers have the option to make a one-time purchase or sign up for a subscription service that conveniently delivers contact lenses on a regular basis.

Products and Services

1-800 Contacts provides a wide range of contact lenses and also offers the convenience of an online vision exam.

Contact lenses

1-800 Contacts proudly offers a wide selection of contact lenses, including those from popular brands:

  • Air Optix
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Biofinity
  • Clariti
  • CooperVision

These brands provide a wide range of lens options, making them a popular choice for many individuals in need of vision correction.

1-800 Contacts provides a wide range of lenses, including bifocal, multifocal, hydrating, and astigmatism lenses. Individuals who enjoy experimenting with their appearance have the option to buy colored or color-enhancing contact lenses.

The company offers a range of disposable contact lenses, available in daily, weekly, and monthly options. Customers have the option to conveniently buy eye care and contact lens solution directly from the website.

Online Vision Exam

1-800 Contacts provides a convenient online vision exam that can be completed in just four simple steps on their website. The exam lasts around 10 minutes and has a price of $20.

Steps to Follow:

  • Verifying an individual’s eligibility to confirm the availability of telehealth services in their state.
  • A check for eye redness that detects any signs of eye irritation.
  • a vision test.
  • Updating a person’s current prescription.

In order to complete the online vision exam, the people will require access to:

  • A smartphone or computer is required for the exam. 
  • Additionally, you will need a driver’s license or credit card to calibrate the device screen. 
  • Don’t forget to have your current prescription on hand.

It is important to ensure that the eye test is conducted in a location with a sufficient distance of 10 feet between the device and the person.

According to 1-800 Contacts, their online vision exam should not be considered a substitute for the regular comprehensive eye exam that individuals should get.

How do you order contact lenses from 1-800-Contacts?

At 1-800 Contacts, there’s a simple three-step ordering process:

  • You can easily find a contact lens brand by searching the website or scanning the side of an existing contact lens box.
  • Provide the prescription.
  • Then place the order.

If someone is unable to locate their prescription, 1-800 Contacts will reach out to their eye care provider to obtain a copy.

It is important for individuals to order the specific brand mentioned on their prescriptions. If customers find the brand unsuitable for their needs, it might be helpful to consult with their eye doctor to explore other manufacturers.

1-800 Contacts will also work with a person’s eye doctor to ensure their order is approved before shipping.

1-800 Contacts Insurance Companies

1-800 Contacts is affiliated with various insurance companies, making it convenient for customers.

  • Davis Vision
  • Superior Vision
  • Spectera
  • Blue View Vision
  • Anthem BCBS

Exchange and Return

At 1-800 Contacts, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all orders and will happily replace any damaged lenses. If a person’s prescription changes, returns for old lenses will be accepted as long as the original packaging remains sealed and intact.


In summary, 1-800 Contacts is an online retailer specializing in contact lenses and vision care. They offer a wide range of contact lens brands, an online vision exam service, and convenient ordering options. Customer satisfaction is a priority, and they work with insurance companies. A valid prescription is required for purchases, and online vision exams are not a substitute for regular eye exams.


Is 1-800 Contacts cheaper?

One-800 Contacts says that its prices for contact lenses are lower than those of many other companies. A “best price guarantee” is available, but there are some restrictions.

Is it possible to purchase contacts online if my prescription has expired?

Sorry, but a current prescription is required to order contact lenses online. Online vision exams, like the ones offered by companies such as 1-800 Contacts, can provide individuals with a prescription.